30 Days. $30,673 Dollars. 775 backers.

We want to thank everyone that contributed to the kickstarter campaign and helped spread the news all over the globe. You are amazing. Thank you so much.

If you missed the kickstarter, you can purchase your A:LOG online here, or in select retailers world wide.

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The A:LOG, designed with a minimalist aesthetic, has a soft letter pressed cover and perfect stitch binding. It features the highest quality paper and a ruler bookmark insert. A:LOG also comes in imperial (US) and metric (International) versions for designers and architects all around the world. It will be an essential tool for you around the office, in meetings, or on site.

Feel free to contact us at

A:LOG Details:
Size (inches): 5.9 x 8.25
Size (cm): 15 x 21
Total Pages: 160
Design Reference/Dot Grid: 30/130
Available in US (Imperial) / International (Metric)

Contact us at or 518 966 2564